CINEMONDO is a non-profit, volunteer organization based in Stockholm, Sweden, which screens movies on a bi-weekly basis.

Our focus is mainly documentaries, but occasionally you will also find another socially engaging film on our screening list.

Those movies may be about social issues, political events, environment, arts or economics. They can be deeply moving, dramatic and unresting, sometimes even disturbing, because Earth has all of that happening. But also playful, fun and simply interesting, because Earth has all of that happening too.

After every screening we are having a discussion with either a person involved in the film – like the director or a leading character – or someone who can give an interesting perspective on the film’s topic. We are striving for having those speakers with us live and in colour, but sometimes we may use remote communication (such as Skype or Google Hangouts) as an alternative.

We at CINEMONDO believe that everyone has an interesting outlook to share. We want to discover new ways to look at life. How do you see the world? Which stories engage you? What do you think?

Let us know!



Student Investors

The Student Investors Association's purpose is to help students who would like to manage their money effectively. The association offers unique opportunities to learn and enhance basic techniques for short-term and long-term investments and savings. The association offers a variety of activities: regular meetings, training sessions with cases and other related events


The Social Sciences Association

The Social Sciences Association's (SF) purpose is to fill its member's study time with activities that complement their studies. This means everything from theme parties and pubs to the annual career fair, clothing swap parties and the Twelve Hour Party with thousands of guests, several dance floors and bars, located both outside and inside.

Free entry at Café Bojan

Every Thursday SF has a pub night at Café Bojan, located at Frescati, close the university’s subway. As a member of SF you get free entrance to all their pubs and other activities.
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Bojan on Thursdays Facebook page

The Natural Sience Faculty Club

The Natural Sience Faculty Clubs (NF) aim is to create a fun student life filled with activities outside the lab and lecture halls. NF arranges pubs, game nights and student farce, parties and DJ sessions.

Free entry at Gröna Villan

Every Thursday there is a pub night in Gröna Villan (Gréens Villa), located at Frescati. Good food and drinks are offered at the student friendly prices. As a member of the NF, you get free entrance.
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The Humanities Faculty Club

Welcome to the Humanities Faculty Club (HumF)! We are a non-profit, student-run organisation for humanities students that aims to make student life at Stockholm university more diverse and fun!

Our members can choose from a wide selection of activities, ranging from our traditional Wednesday pub to croquis, Crafter school, film nights and traditional Swedish student dinner parties.

Sittningar - dinner parties

In Sweden, student clubs hold dinner parties for their members (sittningar, also called gasques). On these occasions you dress up nicely, drink and eat a lot and sing traditional Swedish songs. A cultural experience you really shouldn’t miss out on and a perfect opportunity to get to know Swedes!

We at HumF hold a dinner party especially for new or exchange students at the beginning of every semester (we call them Recentiorsmiddag). Apart from that, we have another such party in March on our birthday, as well as one during the autumn semester where we also award our Ugglepriset (Owl’s prize) to honour a person for their contribution to the humanities. We all speak English so international guests are always welcome!

Wednesday pub at Gula Villan

On Wednesdays we have our traditional Wednesday pub at our club house (the yellow house, Gula villan). Sometimes we even have themed pubs such as the Rick & Morty pub or Meet a Swede. We do not charge an entrance fee, so come and hang out with your friends after classes!

Crafter School

Do you feel like there is no room for creativity in your studies? At HumF we cherish your creative side! Members can join us for croquis or come to our Crafter school meetings where we knit, crochet and embroider. We help each other with our designs, no skills required.

Visit us

Our club house, Gula villan (located behind the library) is without question the coziest on campus – what better place to have film nights at than with us! Come and sit in our comfy armchairs, the popcorn’s on the house!

Contact us

Go to our Facebook page or visit our website under to find out more about our activities! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us hear and write us on Facebook. 

Stockholm Debate Society

The Stockholm Debate Society promotes British Parliamentary style debate in Stockholm and organizes regular training sessions, workshops and other debate related events. We compete in national and international debate tournaments.

                    Reach us by mail.                                               Join us on Facebook!                                                             

Moderata studenter

Moderata studenter vid Stockholms universitet arbetar aktivt med att förnya och förbättra lärosätet för studenterna. Vi arbetar flitigt med våra frågor, bland annat fribeloppet, fler bostäder och en bättre arbetsmarknadsanknytning för studenter överlag. Mycket har gjorts med Moderaterna i regeringsposition, men vi tror på att ännu mer kan göras och förbättras för en friare värld. Därför uppmanar vi just dig att gå med i Moderata studenter vid Stockholms universitet. 

SMS:a MUF medlem till nr: 72550 och gör skillnad.

Styrelsen 2018 består av:

  • Ordförande: Sissela Nordblom
  • Vice ordförande: Erik Pitkäiniemi


  • Erik Holmberg
  • Emelie Johansson
  • Marcus Granlund
  • Victor Fernandez Licas
  • Burak Öz
  • Olav Solhusløkk Höse

Har du frågor eller vill du vara med och utveckla MST SU?
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Liberala studenter

Liberala studenter Stockholm är organisationen för alla studenter i Stockholmsområdet med liberal värdegrund. Vi kämpar för frihet, människors lika värde och liberala bildningsideal på Stockholms universitet och högskolor. Vårt mål är att göra de röda universiteten och högskolorna lite mer liberala och frihetliga. Håll utkik efter våra blåa affischer och gör oss sällskap på nästa Pub Liberal!

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Amnesty International Students of Stockholm

Amnesty International Students of Stockholm is a part of Amnesty International Sweden. We are a group of students that fight for people whose Human Rights are/have been violated. Whether you study a subject within the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or Formal Sciences it doesn’t matter. If you are interested in working with others and making Human Rights a reality for every human being, then you should join us!

Meetings/events are held in Swedish and English so it is open for both Swedish- and English-speaking students to join!

All of our events are posted on our Facebook and Instagram page, so you are welcome to follow us there so you can stay updated.



Instagram: @amnesty.sos

Contact person: Karl Follin, phone: +46704675303




Högerjuristerna samlar liberala och konservativa studenter som är intresserade av frihetens idéer. Vi erbjuder den diskussion, tradition och muntration som universitetet inte längre står för.

Många av våra medlemmar pluggar juridik vid Stockholms universitet, men det utgör inte krav för medlemskap.

"En liten skara som påverkar mycket."

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Vid frågor, mejla vår ordförande, Filippa Kronsporre:


Ordförande: Filippa Kronsporre

Vice ordförande & 

Kassör: Elias Berg von Linde

Ledamot: Oscar Hagelin

Ledamot: Emilia Falk

Ledamot: Marcus Engström


Feministiska Juriststudenter

Feministiska Juriststudenter Stockholm (FEMJUR)

Föreningens syfte är:

  • att verka för att främja normkritik och ett genusperspektiv på juristprogrammet vid Stockholms universitet
  • att verka för att främja ett inkluderande studieklimat på juristprogrammet vid Stockholms universitet
  • att fortbilda oss själva i feministiska frågor och normkritik
  • att utgöra ett diskussionsforum för dessa frågor


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