AIESEC Stockholm



AIESEC is a global non-governmental platform where young people can become volunteers and interns anywhere in the world. Whether you want to go abroad as an intern or a volunteer or prefer to join us as a team member, AIESEC Stockholm is the right place to start with!



We have successful partnerships with businesses from over 120 countries around the world. Whether you want to obtain an internship in a huge international company such as Microsoft or in a small start-up, sign up on our web-site to access jobs and become a Global Talent. There are opportunities in software development, marketing and media communication, accounting and many more. For many of AIESEC interns, these companies became the start for amazing careers and some of them never changed the company even though they returned to their home country



AIESEC has collaborations with many non-profit organizations around the world. You can find plenty of volunteering placements in variety of fields for the time up to 6 months. It’s a chance of pushing yourself forward, enhance your skills and your personal experience. From what other AIESEC volunteers say, this is one of those trips you will never forget.


This spring we are recruiting for our local AIESEC team! I encourage you to become one of the people who make things happen, gain valuable leadership experience, expand your social network and work on your communication skills! But being part of the team provides you with priceless competences in a fun, yet responsible environment and increases your chances in passing future job interviews, even through AIESEC. We need YOU!


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