Stockholm University Boat Club

SUBC, or Stockholm University Boat Club is a club for students at Stockholm University who are interested in the sport of rowing. We are currently located at Akademiska Roddföreningen, which is on Frescati Hagväg 18, where we also have our boats and our on-the-water trainings are held on the lake Brunnsviken.

Our members range from complete beginners with no previous experience in the sport to high level rowers, and as long as you study at SU, you are free to join. We happily accept rowers who intend to only row for recreational and leisure purposes, as well as more competitive athletes.

As a club, we partake in regular training sessions, both on the water and on land. We also compete against other universities and rowing clubs, in and outside of Sweden, like the Student SM, the swedish student championships. But, of course, joining these competitions isn't a must if you just are looking to row recreationally.

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