Best place for a walk in Stockholm

SUS Ambassador Caroline shares her tips where to find amazing nature in Stockholm!

Caroline is an exchange student studying Dance and Performance Studies at
Stockholm University since August. In her free time she likes to explore
Stockholm and the endless opportunities student-life has to offer on


The map of the lake

The map of the lake

You studied too much and want to enjoy some fresh air and move a little bit your joints? Today I would like to share one of my favorite places for a long walk in Stockholm. It is the lake Brunnsviken. It is so big that it is close to University, close to Kungshamra and close to Idun – you cannot miss it. It is possible to walk completely around it – depending on how fast you walk and how many breaks you take it will take you probably more than two hours. There is a path that almost never leaves the waterside. So you cannot get lost if you always keep close to the water. On your way you will pass Hagaparken, where you can find many interesting buildings as well as many joggers. And there is so much more to discover! Depending on the time of the year you can see many boats, people fishing or at the moment many people ice skating or just walking on the ice. Keep your eyes open for surprising things like this rock that has stairs so you can actually get up and sit there! If walking for several hours is not your thing, you get exhausted or hungry – no problem! You do not have to walk all the way around since there are bus stops all around which will get you wherever you want to go next. Have a nice walk and enjoy the sun as long as it lasts!


One of the discoveries on the way