Engage in Student Life

Hi! My name is Nick and I study Business Administration and Political Science. This semester however I am studying Swedish full-time, as I want to live in Sweden long-term! Came for the nature, stayed for the syndrome.

I love to read, and I have a big interest for music, theater and creative arts in general.


I will write a little about student life in Stockholm!

Having been here for a few years, I heard student life is not as active or lively as in Uppsala or Lund. In a way, yes, but if you are active in looking for things to do, there are plenty!

My best advice is to engage in associations here at Stockholm University. Swedes are such good English speakers and are so keen to have others involved that some associations here operate entirely in English, even the ones with a Swedish name!

On the SUS website under the section Campus Life, then Student Union clubs, you will find all that I am writing about below.

1. Superform

The first I can recommend if you have an interest for music and performing arts in general is Superform! Founded just a few months ago, it is new but has lots of things going on. They have showcase concerts, workshops and all things related to performing arts.

Do you dance, sing, play guitar, or just want to watch it happens? Look them up and check it out!

They will have a “summer showcase” at Aula Svea which is their big show for this semester on May 27th so don’t miss that one!


2. Stockholm Association of International Affairs

I have to cheat a little bit and talk about the one I am involved in! I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t fun! The association (Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Stockholm) has seminars in foreign affairs, sponsored trips abroad and, best of all, embassy visits where you can meet the Ambassadors and embassy staff. Everything in English.

You will never get as many chances to humble-brag as when you’re active in this one.

“Hello! Sorry I am late, I had lunch with the Ambassador of Pakistan and the talk just went on!”

“Hmm last time I drank this much was weeks ago at the British Embassy. I didn’t feel like drinking but the Deputy Head of Mission was offering everything for free.

Anyway, if you are into foreign affairs or politics in general, this is it! 


3. Stockholm Debate Society

If you want to practice your debate skills, come for a weekly session every Tuesday where you will get the practice you need, British-style debating.

Here you will make a speech and also put questions to others on a different topic each week.

You will get one or two judges every debate session who, at the end of the debate, will give you individual feedback on how you performed. It can be your content, the way you phrase certain arguments, what arguments could have been used instead, etc.

After a few tries, you will know what you’re good at, and what you can work on to master debating!

4. Erasmus Student Network

This can be obvious for some of you out there, but I have met more than a few students who do not know they exist!

The ESN Network organises all kinds of events for international students to get together. From karaoke nights and quizzes to sponsored trips in Sweden and abroad, getting active in ESN will enhance your student life. 

5. SUS!

Finally we have the obvious: the Student Union itself! Pub quizzes, speed-friending, visits to the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) and everything in between, you name it.

SUS exists to serve students and make our lives a little more exciting. So why not join in at one of the events? There is one almost every week (sometimes more than one).

SUS has three International Student Coordinators whose job is quite simply: to help you make the best out of your time in Sweden!

Especially now that the sun has come out and the semester is nearing its end, it is time to get out there and do fun things!