Get engaged in student activities!

So in My last blogpost I wrote about becoming a volunteer but I also wanted to talk about the many possibilities to engage in different clubs and activities during your studies particularly here at Stockholm University.


As a member of Stockholms Universitets Studentkår you can enjoy benefits such as reduced prices in food and many activities hosted by the Studentkår(Student Union, SUS). One of them is SSIF which offers a wide range of sports (yoga, gymnastics, fencing, swimming, tennis….) for a great price. Besides that the Frescatihallen (Stockholm Sports Center on campus) recently offers free use of the courts for members. You may have to pay though for renting the rackets or the balls but it's a good idea to invite some friends to make it even more fun! And cheaper of course.

University houses

So when you become a member of the Student Union(SUS) they ask you which of the clubs you would like to be part of. For those new to the University we have three main ‘Houses’ just as Hogwarts. Here we don't have the sorting hat unfortunately but you still get the chance to be part of either Humanistika Föreningen (Humanities faculty with the headquarters in Gulla Villan), Naturvetenskapliga Föreningen (Natural science faculties with the headquarters in Gröna Villan) and last but not least Samhällsvetenskapliga Föreningen (Social science facluty with the headquarters in Café Bojan). They all host activities, parties, events both for members-only and open for all. Beer and food is cheap and each of them also host pubs on a particular day of the week. Bojan on Thursdays, Gulla Villan on Wednesdays. Check their websites(you can find links in this SUS web page) or Facebook pages, these faculty clubs are good ways to meet people and you don't need to be from the same faculty as the one you study. You can choose!

Other clubs

University has such amazing diversity of people and programs that is worth taking a look around and try out new things. For example there are groups for vegans, for economy and law students with particular interests, for gender equality… Among so many others. I would suggest you walk the long corridor in Södra huset and check the post-walls that also often publish jobs, other activities outside the University and some interesting seminars or lectures open to all students!

Studentkår and Språkstudion

The Student Union(SUS) has several programs that help also engage both Swedish and international students so it's worth checking that out such as Ambassador Program that help out with logistics and organizing fun activities to make the best out of your stay, or the Buddy program to help you mingle with the locals and find new friends. Språkstudion offers language cafés to help you practice a wide range of languages and also mingle, besides offering many resources to study any language you want.

So many places to find friends and enjoy your free time!

Engagera dig!

(So get engaged!)