Best Walking and Running Trails Around Stockholm

 Hi! My name is Julia and I am an exchange student from the United States. I am an economics major with a double minor in Environmental Studies and Chinese at the University of Vermont. At Stockholm University, I am enrolled in economics and human geography courses. My interests include photography, traveling, half marathons, and eating out or drinking! 

Ambassador Julia

Ambassador Julia


Earlier this month, I completed my third half marathon in Geveva, Switzerland (if you haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend). Since training spanned over three months, I had to find places to run for the long distance runs (we’re talking 5-10 miles, 8-16km). Despite having to run for almost an hour or two at a time on the weekends during these long runs, I found that it actually helped to explore more of the city. Here are a few of my favorite spots that are perfect for running and walking!


Stocksundet & Ulriksdal Palace

For those of you who live in Kungshamra there is a walking path directly behind building 51. If you follow it and take a right at the next road, you will come across a lake (Stocksundet). Here you will find the beautiful grounds of Ulriksdal Palace. There is a café, a rope swing, and a beautiful dock! 


Lilla Värtan/Brunnsviken

This is the lake behind Lappis which is connected to the same body of water behind Kungshamra. Once you hit the trail, right past the construction, I like to take the trail on the left which takes you through a nice shaded canpy of trees, past the water of Lilla Värtan then Brunnsviken (about 3 or 4 miles, 5-6.5km) until you reach my favorite place…



This park is beautiful and perfect for a nice stroll or a picnic. It is flat and HUGE. And if you like dogs, this is a great place to go! I like how the terrain is flat and it is just outside the Odenplan area. There are lots of interesting buildings here including a palace, king Gustav II’s pavilion, the burial ground of the royal family and more!


From Central Station

If you exit T-Centralen from the Vasagatan exit and head down to the water, you can either go left towards Gamla Stan or right towards city hall. Either way is a good choice and will make for a scenic workout. However, be aware of tourist season and if youu plan to run it will be a lot of dodging and weaving past people and bikes. I tend to take a left towards gamla stan and follow the water past the Grand Hotel and hug the shore until I reach… 



You probably know this place because it is where the ABBA Museum, Grona Lund, and Skansen are. There is also a beautiful walking trail that goes around the entire island. I think the most beautiful parts are on the opposite side of all these attractions. There are great views of the water and it is a perfect place to watch a sunset or sit on a dock. 


Victoriahuset and Berianska trädgården

These are garden right behind campus and right across the road from Naturhistoriska riksmuseet! If you choose to run around the lake behind Lappis, you will pass these. Now that the flowers are coming out, these gardens are stunning. There is a dome shaped green house as well as a lighthouse building further down. There is also a public bathroom if you need it. 


In general, I have found Stockholm and its suburbs to be very well connected. It seems that you can bike or walk almost anywhere thanks to designated lanes even next to highways! 


So whether you choose to walk or run I believe you will not be disappointed! So go out there and enjoy the nice weather and sights while you’re still in Stockholm!