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Ambassador Luka is from Croatia, has taken a master's degree in Political Science at SU and is now working on his Law degree.


Ambassador Luka is from Croatia, has taken a master's degree in Political Science at SU and is now working on his Law degree.


Our Student Union is selecting its representatives every spring. This year, the elections will be held from the 24th until the 28th of April. Every student is eligible to vote as long as you become a member of the Student Union before the 3rd of April. The elected parties will build a student council consisting of 41 seats in total which are distributed proportionally.

This year´s candidates.

Why would you vote?

First of all, you do not necessarily need to have a political opinion. Not all student parties are associated with a specific political party or linked to a certain ideology. All parties have different priorities, but they are all aiming to change our student lives for the better. Free books, digital books, recorded lectures, student social insurance, student housing improvements, educational equality and having more fun as a student; these are some of the important questions that parties want to affect. These matters do actually make an impact on our student lives. That’s why you should use your democratic power and vote for a party that stands for your interests! You can read about every party and its main goals for this year's election on the SUS website. There are five parties running in the election this year: S-studenter, Studentpartiet, Vänsterns studentförbund, Allians för kåren and FI-studenter.

What difference does it make?

There were 1166 voters last year, which was 9,11% of eligible voters. These low numbers indicate that your vote may indeed make a big difference in shaping the next academic year. It is very important that these numbers increase. A higher voter turnout will increase the output legitimacy of the student council. If only 9 percent of the eligible voters vote, the outcome of the election will represent the wishes of the few who voted instead of representing the overall consensus of our student community. An effective student democracy needs the input of every eligible voter to be able to reveal and understand the problems we face in our student lives and to make the right decisions in order to solve them.

You can vote online during the election which simplifies the process greatly. Preferential voting is possible if you have a favorite candidate.

Want to participate?

All SUS members can become candidates, but you can only be nominated by a registered party. You can contact the existing parties via the SUS website in order to join. The deadline for registering your own party to run for this year’s election has passed, but you can start preparing for next year’s elections! This is a great first political experience and can be a springboard for future political careers.

More info about each party:

Use your voice and Vote!