February - Time for A museum visit!

Our SUS Ambassador Nick shares some ideas worth the visit in Stockholm!


Learning in Your Spare Time

I study mathematics, the finest and most wonderful subject there is. There is no other subject, with the possible exception of physics, that allows the pursuit of unadulterated beauty and you should seriously consider studying it if you do not already! But if you are anything like me you do occasionally like to branch out and learn things outside your chosen subject; variety is the spice of life and knowledge is no different! Fortunately, Stockholm has many fine museums that cover a wide range of topics to interest anyone.


The current exhibition of Fotografiska is We have a Dream. Over a period of more than a decade pictures of the leaders from all around the world were taken along with a brief interview. It is truly fascinating to see the sheer variety of ways people choose to express themselves when placed in front of a camera. There are those who are serious, those who are happy, those who are angry, and most interesting of all those who just seem to be looking right at you. It is a wonderful exhibition and it runs until February 19th, so you may want to see it soon!


The Vasamuset is a building with a ship in it. That is it. You might think this sounds like a boring prospect and you may have also heard it is one of the best museums in Stockholm. The second is correct and not because the other museums are deathly boring. Tours are regularly given in the museum in many languages and the story of the ill fated Vasa is told to you. The story of the how the ship was built, why it was built, and why it capsized shortly after setting sail for the first time is related in a charming and lighthearted way. Well worth the visit.


Moderna Museet

I have not seen what the Moderna Museet has to offer at this precise moment in time, but I can tell you what it had the last time I went. I walked through a corridor with a faint whooshing noise coming from up ahead. When I entered the large room at the end I found myself staring at an overpowered desk fan suspended from the ceiling by an electrical cord swinging and propelling itself around the room, like an angry fly attached to a string. I spent 10 minutes staring at this fan swing around the room, and everything beyond lived up to the standard set by this fan. Someone once told me that Modern Art is about the reinterpretation of the banal or assumed and the Moderna Museet has done that every time I have gone. Keep and eye of the exhibitions if this sort of thing sounds appealing!


Stockholms medeltidsmuseum

Some time ago the people working in and around the parliament building in Stockholm decided they needed a new car park, and space being at a premium they started to dig (or so my landlord tells me). Much to their surprise, they found part of the original city wall. They decided they would rather do an archeological dig than build a car park and once this was done they built a museum. The museum covers a wide range of topics relating to Stockholm in the middle ages, ranging from warfare to medieval life. They have a viking ship, armor, models of what pigs used to look like, and of course the old city wall. It is my personal favorite museum and not because there is no entrance fee! It is well worth a visit any time you find yourself in the center of Stockholm.


Drottningholm is not a museum; it’s the King’s house. If you like being nosy that is probably reason enough to go, but the truly beautiful building has lovely grounds and beautiful rooms filled with many treasures. The Swedish monarchy has collected many fine tapestries, chandeliers, pieces of furniture, and art of all kinds over the years and many of them are on display through the palace’s many rooms. You can also wander through the well tended gardens and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. Many other buildings are scattered in the grounds which also have interesting objects and in my experience very helpful guides. When it is a bit warmer you can take a boat from near Stockholm City Hall straight to Drottningholm and get some very nice views of the city on the way.

There are of course many other museums in Stockholm and these are not the all the ones that I have been to, but I hope I have given you an appetite for some of what Stockholm can offer in terms of culture! After all, it is much cheaper than the alcohol.

*Pictures used from museum websites.