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Lapland trip: what to expect

Lapland trip: what to expect

International Student Coordinator Monika Lionaite about Lapland trip:

Have you ever wondered how Lapland looks/feels/tastes like? It’s stunning, exciting and tastes like reindeer (or lichen/mushroom if you’re vegetarian). However, if you’re up for a real mind-blowing one-week adventure, you should definitely include Lapland on your trip-list!

Vote in the Student Union Election!

Vote in the Student Union Election!

Ambassador Luka briefly explains why you should use your democratic power and vote for a party that stands for your interests in this year's Student Union election!

Free books, digital books, recorded lectures, student social insurance, student housing improvements, educational equality and having more fun as a student; these are some of the important questions that parties want to affect. That’s why you should use your democratic power and vote for a party that stands for your interests!

Modern Adventure – It’s snowing!


It was snowing in Stockholm and it seemed to be a big issue for everyone. Every year it is fascinating again how cities are surprised by the weather and just can’t handle it. Last year it took me more than double the time to go from Copenhagen to Hamburg because suddenly soo much snow was falling. This year it was an adventure coming from the airport home:

The airport bus from Skavsta was supposed to leave at 6pm and normally it takes 1,5h to the city center. When the bus left the airport they told us it would take 2,5-3h today because of snow chaos. In Skavsta was almost no snow and I wondered how much more snow can there be in Stockholm. The closer the bus came to Stockholm the slower it had to go because of the enormous traffic. Around midnight we haven’t moved at all for about an hour. A smart person on the bus found out that the closest metro station is not that far. So we went out of the bus walked on the snowy motorway between all those waiting for cars. It started snowing again. We reached the station all white. Luckily the tunnelbana was still running and I came home almost six hours later than it was the plan. Later I found out that I probably just could have taken the bus to Nyköping and then take the train. However, I would have missed the adventure – I never walked on a motorway before J

My advice for you – especially if you haven’t seen so much snow before: Enjoy the adventure! Usually, I take the bike to university but now I walk. There are so many things to discover: You will figure out all the different shapes snow can have. You will know how it looks when the snow is hard and you can step on in and how it looks when it’s soft and you will disappear into it. You can watch every day how the snowpeople are melting and how everyday people manage to clean the street a little more. You will notice that bikers are the least prioritized when it comes to cleaning their tracks. But you will still meet some that just give a dam and continue cycling. I always want to cheer for them when I see them. And in case you have not had the time yet to by boots: It works very well with sneakers too.

So everyone: Celebrate that once in a while humans cannot always fight nature and enjoy the snow as long as it’s still here! It might not come back while you are here since snow in Stockholm is actually pretty rare!

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  I am an exchange student at SU, studying at the department of culture and aesthetics. I like to see the world and enjoy what ever life brings - like for example snow chaos :)

I am an exchange student at SU, studying at the department of culture and aesthetics. I like to see the world and enjoy what ever life brings - like for example snow chaos :)


Okay so Halloween, according to Mean Girls the one night of the year where a girl can look
like a total hot mess in high knee socks and bunny ears and it’s acceptable… right?
But to really look and feel your inner Regina George you need to have the right drink in your
hand. Whether you’re looking to get intoxicated or just want a bomb idea to make the punch
bowl look fabulous continue on to a few recipes from yours truly Savanna Stephenson xo

Naughty Non Alcoholic Nightmare
A sweet and fruity punch, kept cool with the hand of a dead man!
Cranberry Juice
Lime Juice
Frozen berries
Sliced Oranges
Step 1 : Rinse out an old rubber glove,
turn inside out and pour in water and
let freeze overnight
Step 2: Add the cranberry juice and
lemonade to a bowl (use more
cranberry for a sweeter taste)
Step 3: squeeze in some lime juice for taste
Step 4: Sprinkle in the fruit for decoration
Step 5: Carefully cut the ice hand out of the glove and add in the bowl!

Gorgeous Ghosts ‘n Ghouls
A cool vanilla and marshmallow flavored mini shot with a deadly creamy texture
● Vanilla Vodka or Rum
● Double Cream
● Mini Marshmallows
Step 1 - Get yourself a shot glass and pour in the
vanilla rum/vodka
Step 2 - Add in some double cream
Step 3 - Sprinkle in the ghouls (marshmallows)
Optional - For a more marshmallow taste you can
add a drop of vanilla extract!


Sexy Sorceress Slime
Tangy lemon and lime flavoured alcoholic drink with a foamy twist that will put a spell on you
Lemon Sorbet
Lime Cordial
Sourz Apple
Gummy worms

Step 1 - Pour the Sprite into the punch bowl and make sure it’s nice and big
Step 2 - Add some cheeky Vodka in there to get the party going
Step 3 - Add a touch of Sourz Apple ( not too much don’t make everyone sick that’s not cute)
Step 4 - Sprinkle in a pinch of Lime cordial for taste
Step 5 - The most important step! Add scoops of Lemon Sorbet in the punch
Optional - Put some gummy worms in there for decoration!

Blog written by Savanna Stephenson

Blog written by Savanna Stephenson

Stockholm: Eating out on a budget

Foto of La Neta

Foto of La Neta

The words Stockholm and budget don’t often go together but if you look out for good deals and small cafes, you can often find affordable options. As international students it’s nice to eat out and explore Stockholm’s foodie culture so I’ve made a list of places which won’t set your wallet back too much.




·      Hellstroms

Not the best quality Mexican food to be found but every Wednesday the sports bar offers a fajita buffet for 40kr! On Fridays you can find a nacho buffet for 20kr and reasonably cheap beers.


·      La Neta

Probably offering the best Mexican food in Stockholm, La Neta has 2 restaurants in the city. Their specialities are tacos and enchiladas. You can get tacos grandes for under 50kr and enchiladas for less. It’s a great place to go with friends and share some dishes.




·      Vapiano

Vapiano is a chain with 3 restaurants in Stockholm.  You can order pizza, pasta, risotto or salad and watch your food being created in front of you. Many of Vapiano’s restaurants have communal tables with herb plants so you can garnish your food yourself. Most mains are under 130kr and the pizzas are so big they can be hard to finish!




·      Beijing 8

Beijing 8 has several ‘fast-food’ restaurants across Stockholm. They serve dumplings, soups and tasty sides such as spicy edamame beans. You can eat there for less than 100kr.




·      Hermans

Hermans offers a vegan buffet every day of the week. It’s not the cheapest restaurant in Stockholm but the buffet is unlimited and the view of the city is amazing so I think it’s worth paying a little more.  The buffet is 130kr for lunch Mon-Fri and with a student card you get 50% off when you buy a drink!


·      Falafelbaren

The popular Sodermalm restaurant serves falafel from 11:00-19:00 on weekdays. A double cheese falafel pitta served with goat cheese and halloumi costs 85kr and is very filling.




·      Kaffeverket or Pom&Flora

Stockholm Brunch Club and Greasy Spoon do great brunches but their prices often exceed a student budget. However, both Kaffeverket and Pom&Flora serve breakfast for less than 100kr. Popular choices include smashed avocado with chilli flakes on toast at KaffeVerket or ham and cheese croissant with a smoothie bowl at Pom&Flora.


Fast Food


·      Falafel Kungen

The fast food restaurant on Sveavagan serves kebab, chips and a soft drink for 53kr often making it a cheaper choice than Mcdonalds or Burger King.


·      Hemkop or Coop for salads

For a healthier takeout option, Hemkop, Coop and other supermarkets have salad bars with a wide choice of food. It works out a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made salad. Be careful though, you pay by weight and I’ve been caught out a couple of times!

Written by Esther Marshall an exchange student from the UK studying English Literature.

Written by Esther Marshall an exchange student from the UK studying English Literature.