Here are the 2018 election results

The votes of the 2018 Student Union Election have been counted and we have a result! The Student Party got the most votes, followed by Vänsterns studentförbund, S-studenter and Allians för kåren. 

Here are the parties ranked by number of seats in the Student Union Representative Assembly:

  1. The student party: 32,6 percent, 13 seats

  2. Vänsterns studentförbund: 24,1 percent, 10 seats

  3. S-studenter: 22,1 percent, 9 seats

  4. Allians för kåren: 21,2 percent, 9 seats

12,3 % of the members voted in this year's election which is 0,1 % more than last year. 

Elections results in detail (Swedish) (PDF)

The new Student Union Representative Assembly will have their first meeting on the 24th of May. During this meeting they will, among other things, elect the new board, including the new president and vice president of Stockholm University Student Union. They will meet at 6 pm in Hörsal 7, Södra huset. All members are invited to listen. Swedish is mainly spoken.