Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) is one of Sweden’s largest student unions with about 15 000 members per term. The Stockholm University Student Union was founded in 1883 at what would later become Stockholm University.

We are a non-profit member organization and we constantly strive to give our members the best possible service and the best conditions to succeed and thrive in their studies at Stockholm University.

SUS has a permanent staff of about 10 employees and 25 elected student representatives. We work actively to represent student’s best interests through disseminating information, education and lobbying university, municipality and county organizations and representatives and by supporting local student councils at the university, but also through local, personable services for our members.


Representive assembly

Each year, the Student Union Election is held. In the election different union parties compete to get as many of the 41 Representative Assembly seats as possible. The Representative Assembly determines, among other things, who shall be the President and Vice President of the Student Union.


The Student Union Board


Alternate Members

Hugo Thorén (Allians för kåren)

Erik Haversten (Studentpartiet)

Emma Lagerstedt von Gegerfelt (Fi studenter SU)

Malin Claesson (Vänsterns studentförbund)

Anton Jägare (S-studenter)

Karolina Muren, (Vänsterns studentförbund)

Lovisa Kronsporre (Allians för kåren)



President: Henric Södergren (Fi-studenter)

Vice President: Stefanie Tagesson (Studentpartiet)

Andreas Moilanen (Allians för kåren)

Anton Hjelm, (Studentpartiet)

Diana Ghafour, (S-studenter) 

Marcus Löfgren, (Vänsterns studentförbund)

Oliver Berger (S-studenter)


Our vision is that you, as a student at SU, will receive a world class education. Our goal is to help you have the best time of your life, and that your time at SU prepares you for the future.

We think that we can achieve this through equal opportunities for all students to attend education, feel safe in their study situation and have influence over their lessons. The Student Union is constantly working to include a students' perspective wherever it affects your everyday life. From parliamentary decisions to course planning, housing and coffee prices. On the subway and on campus.

We work according to success factors

The Student Union recognize four factors for success that we are to live by and constantly strive towards:

  • Student Union members are themselves designing education and has the power over all decisions regarding their daily lives.

  • The Student Union aims to be an organization that encourages and creates the right conditions for member participation.

  • Student Union membership services reflects and facilitates students' needs and daily lives.

  • The Student Union is an organization with facilities and resources enough to provide means to achieve its objectives.


Högskolrestauranger AB (HÖRS) – (Food Chain)

HÖRS is a small chain of student cafeterias currently operating in Linköping, Uppsala, Växjö and Örebro as well as in Gävle and at KTH. HÖRS operate four niches, with different types of food:

  • Lantis

  • Café Prego

  • Sugoi Ramen

  • Kaffebaren

These four niches are made to fit a wide array of customers with different preferences. HÖRS is solely using organic foods and Fair Trade labels.

Campusbutiken AB – (Book Store)

Campusbutiken is the Student Union’s own book store for second hand books, but will also from time to time purchase larger stocks of books or office supplies. Here you can buy cheap second hand course literature as well as sell your own books that you do not longer need.

Stockholm Sports Center/AB Frescatihallen – (Gym)

At Stockholm Sports Center you'll have access to low cost workouts, sports, a gym, spinning, group training, soccer, badminton, tennis and floor hockey.

The workouts are organized by Stockholms studenters idrottsförening (SSIF). They provide a wide array of physical activities like yoga, dancing or body combat.