Phd Student Councils

The PhD Student Council at your department is open to all interested graduate students. It handles PhD issues at their own departement and choose representatives for graduate students at the departement's board of directors. You can get involved in the council to affect your education and gain better insight into the university's activities and your own rights.

If you're interested in participating in a meeting, please contact your council's president. Many councils always conduct their meetings in English, while other councils announces in advance if meetings are to be held in English rather than Swedish.

For more information on how your PhD Student Council can actively work with different issues, or if you want help to start up one at your institution, please get in touch with the PhD Student Ombudsman at

Compensation for elected office

Most comissions in councils entitles you to prolongation of your employment. This means that, over several years and comissions, it may add several months of extra time on your PhD employment. This may also be a merit to take with you after your dissertation.


PhD Student Councils at the Faculty of Humanities

PhD Student Councils at the Faculty of Social Sciences

PhD Student Councils at the Faculty of Science