Our Student Ombudsmen

The Student Ombudsmen are at your disposal when it comes to study related issues that are connected to your education here at Stockholm University. 

The Student Ombudsmen offer support, for example, when it comes to problems with: 

  • admission

  • course syllabus

  • examination

  • study environment issues

  • being accused of cheating

  • information and administration.

Depending on the case, the Student Ombudsmen can facilitate your contact with the parties involved. We can mediate to seek the proper settlement between you and the university, write correspondence or make formal charges. A Student Ombudsmen can participate in meetings with your department and continue to support you throughout the process. Our aim is to make sure that your rights are protected.

Issues not handled

The Student Ombudsmen do not handle issues regarding student aid or questions about housing or insurance. They only handle strictly study related issues. 

The use of personal data

Due to the fact that your case may be of a sensitive or private nature, we can ensure you that it will be handled discreetly and in accordance with established rules of confidentiality.

The Student Ombudsmen are working in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The personal data we work with are either those you voluntarily give us or those acquired from the University while working on your case. Personal data is used only to the extent needed to conduct your affairs. The Student Ombudsmen are working on a confidential basis and data will not be disclosed unless consent exists.

Students always have the right to request record to verify the data on file and the Student Ombudsmen are obliged to correct information that is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading.

Frida Holmdahl och Anna Svanström  Student Ombudsman

Frida Holmdahl och Anna Svanström
Student Ombudsman