Study environment

When we start studying at university we all have different preconditions, some students start their university studies directly after high school, while others start their studies later in life.

During your time as a student there are a lot of things that can influence your study environment, ranging from personal circumstances, to issues like scheduling and the study spaces available to you. Because of this, it is important that there are people who continuously work to improve the study environment and make sure that students like yourself know what rights they are entitled to.

Examples on issues concerning study environment

The physical study environment:

  • Classrooms

  • Lightning

  • Study spaces

  • Microwaves

  • Accessibility

  • Study material

The psychosocial study environment:

  • Stress

  • Group dynamic

  • Scheduling

  • Information

  • Relations to other people

  • Discrimination

The Work Environment Act

According to the Work Environment Act students are treated like employees (with some exceptions). The Work Environment Act states that anything that can influence people in their workplace is a part of their work environment. The criteria’s for a good work environment are stated in the Work Environment Act’s second chapter and based on this text we can make the following demands on our study and work environment:

  • a healthy and safe environment

  • opportunity to learn and grow

  • meaningful and engaging lectures, work and study tasks

  • right to participate in the design of the studies and the studies content

  • opportunity to own responsibility, collaboration and a sense of community with fellow students

How can you improve your study environment?

  1. You can become a Study Environment Representative at your department. Or you can become a Student Safety Representative through the department's student council. If you don’t know how to get in touch with your student council you can contact the Study Environment Coordinator at the student union.

  2. Go to the Study Environment Network. Meetings are held three times per semester and often have relevant subjects and guests.

  3. Go to workshops/lectures. The Student Union, the Student Health Service and others organize and recommend interesting workshops. Keep an eye on their respective websites for updates.

What is the Student Union doing to better your study environment?

At Stockholm University Student Union we have a Study Environment Coordinator. The Study Environment Coordinator's main purpose is to bring the study environment work which is taking place at Stockholm University further, as well as act as the students’ principal safety representative.

The Study Environment Coordinator’s main tasks:

  1. Partake in committees and other meetings at SU where decisions that concern study environment and environment questions are being made.

  2. Take part in safety rounds and the work surrounding planned constructions at the University.

  3. To monitor and pursue questions relating to the study environment at a departmental level.

  4. To run a network for committed students who wish to learn more or influence study environment related questions.

  5. Carry projects and workshops into effect in order to make study environment issues visible, create a public opinion and contribute with expertise within the field.

You can contact The Student Union’s Study Environment Coordinator at