Vänsterns studentförbund

Vänsterns studentförbund

About the party:

We are a socialist, feminist and anti-racist association, fighting for a university free from discrimination, where everyone is treated equally. In the Student Union, we want to make changes that improve students' economic and social situation for real. The Student Union needs a critical voice from the left.

The three most important issues 2019:

  • Free course literature – through more literature at the university libraries, digitalization, making compendia more available, as well as making books that are written by the course’s teacher free for all course attendants.

  • A climate-neutral university – more and cheaper vegan alternatives on campus, phase out fossil fuels at the university, decrease amount of single-use products, greater focus on climate within all fields of education.

  • Introduce “plussning” – all students should have the right to retake an exam to improve their grades, despite getting an E or a better grade on the original exam.



Marcus Löfgren