The Equal Opportunities Network

Equal Opportunities Coordinator


Are you curious about discussing norms and normcritical perspectives, both within the University and the wider society? Do you want to learn about so called master suppression techniques or problematize the way equality is discussed? Do you want to affect the equal opportunities agenda at Stockholm University? Then the Student Union's Equal Opportunities
Network is for you!


The Student Union´s Equal Opportunities Network is a platform for the Student Equality Representatives and other students interested in discussing equality-related issues. There is always an opportunity for the students themselves set the agenda of issues or topics they want to discuss. Though the Equal Opportunitites Coordinator at the Student Union will often set some sort of prior agenda too, often in form of a workshop or some sort of presentation on something relevant.


The network members meet up approximately three times per semester led by the Student Union's Equal Opportunities Coordinator in Kårsalen on floor 1 in Studenthuset. Everyone is welcome and of course we offer free fika.