Naturvetenskapliga fakultetsrådet (NFR)

NFR meetings 2018
Meetings are held in Studenthuset on Mondays 16:30 to approx 19:00.

September 10th in Rosa rummet
October 15th in Rosa rummet
December 3rd in Kårsalen. Annual meeting. New representatives are elected for 2019.

The Science Faculty Council (NFR) gathers representatives from student and PhD student councils (one each) from the departments and sections in the Faculty of Science. NFR is a forum for discussion of topics raised by the the local councils, sharing of departmental experiences and collaboration on topics that concern all students and PhD students in the Faculty of Science.

NFR elects the student/PhD student representatives for the official committees and boards of the faculty, including the Faculty Board (Områdesnämnden) which is the highest decision-making body in the faculty organization and committees which prepare and decide topics regarding e.g. education, employment, promotion, and stipends.  Representatives are chosen at the council’s annual meeting in December and are expected to communicate topics of interest via email or participation in the NFR meetings throughout the year. (Most of these representative positions require a working level of Swedish, but communication to NFR is preferred in English).

The council meetings are held on Mondays in the same weeks as Faculty Board meetings occur. The official language of the Science Faculty Council is English.

Naturvetenskapliga fakultetsrådet samlar representanter från studentråd och doktorandråd från institutioner och sektioner vid Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten. 

I naturvetenskapliga fakultetsrådet kan du ta upp frågor från ditt lokala student-/ämnesråd, dela med dig av erfarenheter från din institution och samarbeta kring fakultetsgemensamma frågor som rör alla studenter eller doktorander vid naturvetenskapliga fakulteten.

Fakultetsrådet tillsätter studentrepresentanter i flera av fakultetens beredande och beslutande organ, däribland Områdesnämnden som är fakultetens högsta beslutande organ. Dessa representanter väljs på fakultetsrådets årsmöte i december, och förväntas under sitt år som förtroendevalda kommunicera intressanta händelser och diskussionspunkter via e-post eller genom deltagande i fakultetsrådets möten. (De flesta förtroendeposter kräver goda kunskaper i svenska, men i kommunikationen till fakultetsrådet föredras engelska). Rådet håller sina möten på måndagar under de veckor som Områdesnämnden sammanträder. Det officiella mötesspråket är engelska. 


Chair of the council: Jesper Norell

Vice-chair of the council: Yuan Guo

Student Governance Officer for the Faculty of Science:

To reach the entire NFR council (representatives from all student and PhD councils at the Faculty of Science), email

To reach the entire NFR council + student representatives in the faculty boards, email This list is moderated in order to avoid spam.


Chair: Jesper Norell
Vice chair: Yuan Guo
Cashier: Yuan Guo
Secretary: Student Governance Officer Elis Wibacke

Stadgar (Bylaws)

Naturvetenskapliga fakultetsrådets stadgar Uppdated 2017-12-04


Faculty meetings calendar 2018

Områdesnämnden (ON)

The Science Faculty Board is the faculty’s highest decision making organ. Decisions regarding strategies, budgets, employments and so forth are taken here. It also, among other things, approves study plans for research level and basic level education. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Jesper Norell (PhD Physics)
Ordinary member: Måns Karlsson (PhD Math)
Ordinarie ledamot: Yuan Guo (PhD Molecular Biosciences, Wenner-Grens)
Secondary member: Erik Lindsund (PhD Molecular Biosciences, Wenner-Grens)
Secondary member: Elis Wibacke (The Student Union)
Secondary member: Hugo Thorén (The Student Union)

områdesnämndens Arbetsutskott

The Workgroup for the Science Faculty Board prepares cases and errands for the faculty board. According to the faculty’s delegation of authority some decisions may be made by the dean after hearing the workgroup. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Jesper Norell
Secondary member: Yuan Guo

Grundutbildningsberedningen (GB)

The Basic Education Committee, GB, serves the purpose of preparing questions regarding basic education before the faculty board decides upon them. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Ludvig Lindström (student at ACES)
Ordinary member: Helena Nilsson (student at MND)
Ordinary member: Andreas Novotny (PhD at DEEP)
Secondary member: Elis Wibacke (The Student Union)


The Workgroup for the Basic Education Committee prepares the work to be done in the Basic Education Committee by preparing documents, agendas, and so forth. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Andreas Novotny
Secondary member: Elis Wibacke (The Student Union)


Berfordringsnämnden bereder befodringsärenden.
The Promotion Committee. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Felix Wahl
Secondary member: vacant


Docent Committee. After having completed one’s PhD studies and complementing scientific and pedagogical competence researchers have the opportunity to be employed as a docent at the faculty. The Docent Committee treats applications and the faculty board makes decisions based on the recommendations of the docent committee. Protocols are in Swedish, but otherwise this body is also suitable for English-speaking representatives.

Ordinary member: Marcel Tarbier
Secondary member: vacant


Ordinary PhD representative: vacant (Utses av centrala doktorandrådet).


The Info Group discusses the faculty’s strategies for information and decides which projects to take on regarding research information and student recruitment. In this group representatives from the faculty’s four sections convene and many of them do work at their sections related to information dispersal. Work is being done in regard to the career fairs, and other such fairs. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Björn Lindström
Secondary member: Vacant


In the section committees representatives from each department (within the respective sections) treat overarching departmental questions. Questions that are discussed are for example the basic education, research education, economy and so forth. Documents are in Swedish.

Kemiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Diana Khananisho (elected for 2018: vacant)
Ordinary member: Nina Johansson (elected for 2018: vacant)

Biologiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Yuan Guo
Ordinary member: Vacant

Matematiska-fysiska sektionen
Ordinary member: David Degerman
Ordinary member: Abid Ali Lashari (elected for 2018: vacant)

Geo-miljövetenskapliga sektionen
Ordinary  member: Vacant
Ordinary member: Vacant


The Research Education Committees ensure that the faculty’s PhD-student supervisors are offered a course in supervision. The group also initiates surveys of the research education and organises study principal meetings. In the Research Education Committee PhD Students can broach potential problems within the research education that they want the faculty board to pay attention to. Documents are in Swedish.

Kemiska sektionen
Ordinary PhD representative: Carmine Pasquale Cerrato
Secondary PhD representative: vacant

Biologiska sektionen
Ordinary PhD representative: Marcus Stenegren
Secondary PhD representative: vacant

Matematisk-fysiska sektionen
Ordinary PhD representative: Hampus Engsner
Secondary PhD representative: vacant

Geo-miljövetenskapliga sektionen
Ordinary PhD representative: vacant
Secondary PhD representative: vacant


The faculty has four Teacher Suggestions Committees. They prepare teacher employments before the faculty board’s or principals decisions. When employing teachers the teacher suggestions committees, together with experts, hold “mock-lectures” and interviews with the primary candidates. Protocols are in Swedish, but otherwise these bodies is also suitable for English-speaking representatives.

Kemiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Nicklas Österlund (PhD DBB)
Ordinary member: Inna Ermilova (PhD MMK)
Secondary member: Vacant
Secondary member: Vacant

Biologiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Marcel Tarbier (PhD)
Ordinary member: Peter Bruce (PhD)
Secondary member: Vacant
Secondary member: Vacant

Matematiska/fysiska sektionen
At least one representative should speak Swedish since MND recruitments are sometimes entirely in Swedish.
Ordinary member: Mitja Nedić
Ordinary member: Kajsa-My Blomdahl
Secondary member: Vacant (former: Irina Galstyan)
Secondary member: Vacant. (former: Jöran Pettersson)

Geo-miljövetenskapliga sektionen
Ordinary member: Berit Gewert (PhD ACES)
Ordinary member: Ines Rodriguez Leal (PhD ACES)
Secondary member: Johan Gustafsson ((PhD ACES)
Secondary member: Vacant


The Stipend Committees works with the donation grants, Liljevalch Jr’s travelling grants, and Bendixson’s grants for docents. They give suggestions of grant applicants to the faculty board. Documents are in Swedish.

Kemiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Carmine Pasquale Cerrato
Secondary member: Vacant

Biologiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Marcel Tarbier
Secondary member: Vacant

Matematisk-fysiska sektionen
Ordinary member: Pil Maria Saugmann (PhD)
Secondary member: Oliver Krüger

Geo-miljövetenskapliga sektionen
Ordinary member: Vacant
Secondary member: Vacant 

Centrala doktorandrådet (CDR)

The Central PhD-Student Council. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Pil Maria Saugmann (PhD Physics)
Ordinary member: Malte Posselt (PhD ACES)
Secondary member: Måns Karlsson (PhD Math)
Secondary member: Ami Golland (PhD SRC)

Centrala studentrådet (SCR)

The Central Student Council. Documents are in Swedish.

Ordinary member: Vacant
Secondary member: Vacant

STockholms matematikcentrum (SMC) 

Stockholm Mathematics Centre (SMC) is a collaboration between Stockholm University (SU) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). At SMC, education and research in mathematics is coordinated between the mathematical departments at SU and KTH.

Stockholms matematikcentrum (SMC) är ett samarbete mellan Stockholms universitet och Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan. Här samordnas utbildning och forskning i matematik mellan de båda lärosätenas matematiska institutioner.

Ordinary member: Hampus Engsner

Bolin Centre for Climate Research

Ordinary member: Caroline Greiser

Bergianska Botaniska Trädgården

Bergianska Botaniska Trädgården (BBT) har till uppgift att sprida kunskap och information om biologisk mångfald, botanik och hortikultur samt tillhandahålla material för forskning och utbildning. Verksamheten ska rikta sig till forskare såväl nationellt som internationellt, studenter, skolelever samt allmänheten. 

BBT är en inrättning knuten till den Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten vid Stockholms universitet. Två representanter vid Botaniska institutionen, varav minst en forskarstudenrande, utses av studentkåren genom Naturvetenskapliga fakultetsrådet. Documents are in Swedish.

PhD representative: Eva Larsén
PhD or student representative: Vacant


PhD representative: Vacant