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The Study Environment Network is organized by the Student Union and aims to gather the Study Environment Representatives from different student councils. The idea is that the network should provide the representatives with knowledge and skills on how to improve the study environment at their institutions as well as on campus in general. The network meetings should also be a platform where the students can raise concerns, share experiences, and help each other.


The network meets around three times every semester together with the Equal Opportunities Network. We have different themes or agendas for every meeting and try to have a variation of lectures, workshops, and informal meetings. We want every meeting to have one shared activity, such as a presentation or workshop, together with the Equal opportunities network before meeting with only the other Study Environment Representatives for an informal discussion.

We try to plan the meetings depending on the ideas and wishes of the students, so feel free to send an email with your thoughts of possible ideas, or just fill I the feedback sheets at the end of every semester.


If you are a Study Environment Representative you will be invited by email. We usually meet around noon and then offer a lighter lunch.

If you have not received an invitation, or if you want to become a Student Environment Representative, contact the Study Environment Coordinator at


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